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Chemical Eng

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Chemical Eng





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South Africa

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South Africa


<p>My name is Thembekile from South Africa, my background is in Chemical Engineering, and I have worked in the following industries; petrochemicals, automotive and mine water treatment. In the petrochemicals sector I was involved in a research project that was primarily concerned with finding alternative feedstocks for the production of low emissions fuels, the project involved catalyst performance studies and reactor optimisation. My involvement in the mining sector was also research focused, the project involved developing a process to treat acid mine drainage with waste coal fly ash generated from ESKOM coal power stations. More recently I worked as a Process Technologist for Saint Gobain a company that manufactures sustainable building materials, in this role I was responsible for all the Quality Engineering aspects of production from validating the quality of the various raw materials to ensuring that the final product was of the highest quality. Currently I am working part-time in the field of Sustainability, my focus area being educating mature and emerging markets on.</p><p> </p><p>I am a positive individual who is a firm believer in continuous learning and individual personal development. I enjoy writing poetry and performing poetry in public spaces.</p>

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