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PGCE Economics

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PGCE Economics

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Boitumelo Gaba

Country of origin

South Africa

Country of residence 

South Africa


<p>I am down to earth, opinionated, resilient, beautiful in many ways and I also happen to be an art lover. I studied economics at Nelson Mandela University for my undergraduate studies and Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Pretoria. I am a decendent of the (Lemba) black Jews of the Southern parts of Africa, this makes me unique . It shows that people travel and globalization has been going on for centuries, I look forward to teaching and learning from people from all over the world. I am diverse in terms or cultures, I am Tswana but my maternal grandma was Sotho, she got married to a Lemba man whose family adopted the Venda culture although they know they are black Jews. My diversity reflects the beauty and diversity of South Africans, we are a multicultural nation. I am very adaptive and open minded hance I am friendly and I truly values the power of education, I have great passion for economics because it is a. subject that is applicable in real life. </p>

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