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Things You Need To Know To Earn Money Teaching Online

Updated: Jan 23

Almost anyone can earn some extra cash teaching online. If you’re looking to start off small (like, say, trying to make an extra $100 a month as a side-hustle), then all you really need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a passion to get started with Owly Class.

If you are seriously thinking about how to earn money by teaching online, the first thing you have to decide is the type of online tutoring you want to adopt. There are various options depending on your qualifications, experience, how much time you can spend, and of course, how much revenue you would like to make. Let’s go over the details!

#1: Become an online tutor

Wether you have experience in teaching or not, you can still try to become an online tutor and make money teaching online from anywhere in the world. There are thousands of students who are looking to practice their skills, and you might just be the perfect person to help them do it.

Teaching online gives you much more flexibility than a typical 9-5 job. You can set your own hours, earn passive income, choose what type of work you do, and log in from anywhere in the world.

Tip: Give out content for free

One of the best methods to get more paying students is to actually start giving away some of your best content for free. For this reason, Owly Class is offering 20 minutes free trial to all students.

Tip: Be active on social media

Social media has various uses in the e-classroom as well as to help market and promote your courses. Each social media platform offers many different ways to be used in the classroom, from sharing announcements to holding live lectures, and so much more.

First, social media provides a smoother, more direct communication tool between students, teachers and parents, who can check in and ask or respond to questions.

Social media allows for more e-learning opportunities as well. As remote jobs and online classes are becoming more popular, training students to work from a distance is an important lesson, and social media can help with that.

Facebook and Instagram or even TikTok can be the perfect social media platforms to incorporate into the virtual classroom. Be active as much as you can by sharing advice, information, videos or blogs.

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