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Can eLearning really change your life?

Updated: Jan 23

People from the twenty-first century will agree – it is important to get a good education, it helps to feel safe about the future. However, after graduation not everyone knows whether they made the right choice or where they want to go from there. People need money and in order to earn them some start working after high school, others when they graduate college or university.

It became much easier to get an education or learn useful skills thanks to the rapid development of modern technologies and internet. With the rise of online education courses it became easier to change or advance your career. Online education gives opportunity to everyone.

Before the COVID pandemic, most universities never truly embraced online education, at least not strategically. There were online learning programs and software available but it didn't make much difference as the traditional face to face learning had the power. But now the "online learning' is getting more interesting.

Also, the world is changing in personal interactions, in business, and in academia. Remote interactions are the way of the present, and the future. Students will be going out into a world where remote interactions are more and more common.

Career change comes with multiple complications. It might require you to upgrade your skills or learn new ones while you are already juggling with your personal life and current job. In such case, when enrolling in a full-time course is not possible along with handling multiple responsibilities, online learning comes to your aid. Forbes, in one of their articles, mentioned that as per a report by Brandon Hall Group, learning online consumes 40per cent to 60per cent less time than learning the same thing in a traditional classroom.

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