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4 Tips You Should Know for Successful Online Learning

Updated: Jan 23

Whether you’re trying online classes for the first time or looking for ways to strengthen your current habits, there are a few key tips you should consider to take full advantage of all online learning has to offer. Here are 4 tips you should definitely take into consideration for a successful online learning journey!

1- Advocate for your learning needs: Ask for flexible ways of participating in the class that works for you. This is important for learners who require specific accommodations, such as a note taker or extended test time but is also important for all learners.

2- Video strategies: For the recorded video, pause and write a brief summary of what you have heard in notes every few minutes. For live video, especially if the video is available to watch later, avoid taking notes. Pay attention to what you hear and participate in the discussion to help keep your focus.

3- Make your learning stick: Take advantage of the established learning science principles of practice, application, and reflection. To ensure your newly learned knowledge and skills stick with you, it’s important to repeatedly practice skills, apply knowledge in different contexts, and reflect on what you have learned, primarily as you practice and apply in new settings.

4- Give and expect respect: Especially during asynchronous communication like discussion boards and email, it can be easy to misconstrue someone’s meaning. Like you, your peers are real people. Do your part to foster a respectful, supportive community.

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