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To Become a teacher on our platform first you have to login as a site member.
We advise that you login with Gmail account ?

When you login with gmail we automatically organize your gmail calendar with your bookings.


Go to this page and fill in the teacher details and apply.
This will create your teacher dashboard.

How to use your teacher dashboard ?

On your teacher dashboard you can see your earnings, lessons etc... you can also modify or delete lessons already created.  you can also see your own personal profile.


Choose your passion, something you love to do and use your dashboard to create the lessons you want teach online. 
How do we help?

When your lessons are created we manage the bookings and we keep your schedule organized 


Share Your profile

When your lessons are added there is a personal page made for you with all your lessons.
How does this help you?

This organizes all your lessons in one place.
This personal page can be used by you to share it with students to get more engagement to your page.


Earn money

Depending on how much lessons you have done during the month we will regroup all this sells and will be sent to you by our sales department.

How to become a personal teacher in  5 steps

Become a site member

Add online lessons

Create teacher account

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