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<p>This classroom is tailored towards making topics in Biology more understandable. Feedback is generally appreciated at every point in time while past questions will be used to assess the level of understanding. Lessons will be delivered with the use of waccom tablet amongst other facilities. The curricula on offer include CAIE, OCR, NCUK-IFY,AQA, MYP and DP. To give you an understanding of the modus operandi of how the various curricla will be covered, I will use the first three listed curricula. For the CAIE exam, after each lesson, we will make use of past questions selected from paper 1-5 to (as required) to satisfy the need for quality assurance. For A level OCR, all four components will be addressed- from, biological processes to practical endorsement in Biology. As for the NCUK-IFY program, all the topics listed over the two semesters will be covered, including discussions centred on coursework. So, in summary all topics as well as courseworks will be covered thoroughly. </p>


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