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<p>As a community tutor, we can exchange ideas and discuss interesting things. Reading, listening, speaking and writing skills will be developed by practicing. I will not only provide learning materials or tools but also learning methods as well. I will make you feel confident and fluent with our lessons.Therefore, the classes will ensure a relaxed classroom where students can be free, confident, and grow to be the best they can be. I encourage my student to focus more on speaking spontaneously and confidently by having random conversations with them. My style of teaching is through conversational English and prepared presentations, games and quizzes. I will help you learn and perfect your grammar and pronunciation, and solve any doubts you may have. Everyone has a different way of learning, which is why its important for me to always ask what is the best teaching style for my students in order to help them reach to the level that they desire which is why each lesson is uniquely set. </p><h2> </h2>


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