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Conversation Classes

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<p> I can help you with conversation classes.Som you will be able to maximise your speaking practice, in Arabic or English. we can do some listening, raeding, and grammar in whatever topic you like. I will be able to help you with writing essays, writing short storie, and proofread your work.While taeching you some grammar at the same time. We can read and analyse novels and books. Small and steady wins the race. I'm so patient because I know how hard and frustrating a new language can be. So, I will be your supporter in terms of educcation and mental health. I'm not just here to teach you the langauge and help you to become fluent. I'm here to ensure you enjoy th eprosses of learning a new language and bulid passion for langauges. </p>


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1 Lesson

20.00 $/h

5 Lessons

18.00 $/h

>10 Lessons

17.00 $/h

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You can book multiple hours that's fitting to your calendar

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