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<p>From Beginner to Advanced level, you will find my course to be a great fit for you!</p><p>Every first session is an opportunity to design a unique course curriculum for you, according to your needs.</p><p>For the English-lovers, we could be watching videos, and practicing new vocabulary, doing pronunciation exercises, play educational games, and brainstorm on various ideas.</p><p>For the Arabic-lovers, we will mainly be focusing on enhancing your speaking skills, through games, and theatrical scenarios.</p><p>The Spanish enthusiasts will find my classes to be an enjoyable start of their journey through one of the most melodic european languages, and for the fans of Bulgarian - I would be more than happy to help you out with the language from zero to getting prepared for official talks on a high level.</p><p>Looking forward to seeing you in class! </p><p>Love &amp; Peace </p><p>Kami</p>


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