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Digital Marketing

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<p>This course includes :<br/>Introduction digital marketing : How to set up a marketing strategy and marketing mix; How to use the digital marketing tools in order to achieve the marketing objectives.<br/>Social Media Management : How to prepare a content calendar; How to adapt content for each social media channel.<br/>Content Creation : How to create content for social media.<br/>Social Media Paid : How to create social media paid campaigns; How to determine your KPIs and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.<br/>SEO : How to audit your website performance; How to create an SEO strategy to rank better on search engines; How to do a comparative analysis in order to select your keywords.<br/>Google Ads: How to create search, display and video ad campaigns on Google Ads; How to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.<br/>Web Analytics : How to use dashboards in order to analyse your data; How to use data to make decisions.<br/>Emailing Campaigns : How to create an emailing campaigns from A to Z.</p>


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