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A Deep Dive into Psychology

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<p>I will guide you systematically so you can traverse the deep waters of Psychology smoothly. We will begin with an introductory class, wherein we will focus on understanding what Psychology is, and how it is different from Pseudopsychology. Secondly, we will go through how Psychology evolved and how different schools of thought emerged. As part of Developmental Psychology, we will go through what a relatively healthy developmental trajectory looks like whereas Social Psychology will involve profound insight into why certain tragic and evil events such as The Holocaust and The Vietnam War came about, with respect to the thought process that fuels such behavior. Additionally, I will present my learning from an exclusive Personality Psychology course I undertook with Jordan B. Peterson too. Lastly, we will also extensively cover my '"Recommended Resource List" to pick the brains of the original thinkers of the field such as Yalom, Peck, and Frankl. </p>


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